Lamp Repair

Let's Restore That Treasured Lamp or Lighting Fixture

We Can Shed Light on All of Your Lamp Problems

Do you have a treasured lamp or lighting fixture that’s not working properly? Don’t throw it away or put it in the attic. The experienced team at A Yorba Linda Vacuum & Appliance has the knowledge and resources to make it as good as new no matter how old or damaged it is. 

You can count on us for everything from fixing electrical problems to replacing broken components for any brand or model. We warranty everything we service.

What Else Is Broken?

Before you bring your lamp to us, take a look around your home. Chances are good that you have other items that could use some conditioning.

Save time and energy running around town and bring them to us. We repair everything from lamps to vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, and electronics. Where else are you going to find all of these quality services under one roof? You will appreciate our knowledge and old-fashioned personal service.
Call us to get FREE estimates on lamp repairs.
We offer the best pricing in the industry. 
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